Travel Insurance For Trip Cancellation – Do You Really Need It?

Imagine this – two days before you leave for vacation on the Alabama Gulf Coast, one of the kids gets sick forcing you to cancel. Your airline tickets are fully paid for and you've put a deposit down on your beach house rental. Will you get refunds? Not

unless you've purchased travel insurance in advance. The cancellation policies for most travel services and accommodations will not issue refunds for unforeseen events if it does not fall within their established timeframe for cancellations. Unforeseen events include illness, labor strikes, mandatory hurricane evacuations, a terrorist event, or any unexpected issue which causes a cancellation or interruption of your trip. But with so many types of travel insurance available, which should you purchase?
First, check to see what you may or may not need. If you use a credit card to book a trip, some unforeseen events may be automatically covered for limited amounts. For lost or stolen items, your household insurance may provide limited coverage for valuables stolen during a vacation. And for medical treatment while vacationing, your health insurance may reimburse you, after you've paid in full, for some emergency medical treatment in the U.S. only.

Even if the fine print on your existing insurance covers some of these issues, only travel insurance is designed for virtually all unforeseen events and more. Major condo and beach house rental companies on the Gulf Coast recommend Travel Guard ( and CSA Travel Protection ( Visit their websites – you'll be amazed by how much they cover. For more traveling tips, go to

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