2014 Bama Coast Cruise Rides into Orange Beach

Love the smell of car leather or the roar of a great engine? Get some zoom-zoom in your life the weekend of April 25-26 as the Annual Bama Coast Cruise arrives at The Wharf for a fun-filled two days of cars, parties, music and the Grand Parade down the

beach road. New to the event this year is a 60-foot drag race to showcase competitors' cars.
If you love cars, this is the place to be as exhibitors and spectators alike enjoy the classic and custom cars lining Main Street at The Wharf. There are no restrictions on the types of cars that can be entered in the show and registration is still open for the event. Exhibitors will be the only ones allowed to park on Main Street at The Wharf and there is plenty of parking for trailers.

Friday night's events include a Poker Run where exhibitors cruise all over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in search of the best poker hand to win cash prizes. There will be party at Pelican Place Mall for all exhibitors featuring live music. A “Show Cars Only” parking lot will be reserved for Bama Coast Cruisers.

The highlight of Bama Coast Cruise is Saturday's annual Parade Cruise starting at 4:30 p.m. Stretching out more than 14 miles; the parade cruise runs from The Wharf, down the scenic beach highway and back to The Wharf.
For more information, check out the event on our calendar.

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