Planner Pointer: 5 Tips to Give Your Meetings a Big Boost

Planning a meeting or event can be stressful. Keeping it fun and entertaining for the audience can be even more stressful. But don’t worry...we’re here to help.


1. Recruit Engaging Speakers

Finding engaging speakers may sound like a given, but everyone has experienced some “duds” along the way. Kick off the event with a speaker who sets the tone and gets everyone revved up and on the same page! A lunch speaker should be fun and lively. When people sit down to eat, they like to be entertained. They want to leave feeling inspired and light-hearted.

2. Location is Everything

Make it easy for your attendees. Make yourself easily accessible and ensure your guests are in a comfortable space. Our meeting venues are found at some of the best hotels and resorts anywhere on the Gulf, including full-and limited-service properties, vacation rental homes and condos as well as off-site spaces around the destination. 

3. As the Host, Set the Tone

While it’s easy to get carried away with planning, be sure you are genuinely excited about hosting and not just concerned about logistics. This will guarantee a better event, and you’ll see how fun it is to connect with your crowd. All meeting and event planners should remember that guests pick up on their body language and tone, so enjoy yourself!

4. Details Go a Long Way

The little things can make all the difference when it comes to an event. Whether it be the smells in the room, snack breaks inspired by the destination, or giving small locally-made gifts, details can make or break attendees’ first impressions!

5. Utilize Our Resources

Is this your first meeting? No worries! Check out our blog post: 5 Tips for the Newbie Meeting Planner. Our team has worked hard to assist you with planning any event or meeting from start to finish! We’re here to help promote and invite guests to your event. 


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