Travel Bloggers Weigh In: The Ultimate Beach Bucket List

Wondering what sights and scenes or adventures and attractions you should add to your Gulf Shores and Orange Beach vacation agenda?

We asked a group of travel bloggers just that question, and they gave us their ultimate Alabama Gulf Coast Beach Bucket List. Weigh in with YOUR must-do bucket list activities in the comments below.

“Spending a half day kayaking around Robinson Island should be on every visitor's bucket list. The water is so calm and you can get up close to the pelicans and herons hanging out on the island while exploring small coves and taking a dip in the clear blue water. There are so many great places to eat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, but my favorite is Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina. I can't recommend the Murder Point raw oysters strongly enough. The meal there is worth traveling for!” 
~ Tamara Gruber, We3Travel

“My choice would be Flyboarding! If you're looking for a new water adventure, you have to try it. It's not as hard as it looks and FlyboardBAMA's instructors will have you flying in no time. I'd also have to vote for Fisher's Upstairs and the Yachi Rocker cocktail. I've been dreaming about it!” 

“My son says The Track. My daughter says the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. I say Fort Morgan or ghost crab hunting and chasing on the beach after dark!” 
~ Marci Goodwin, The Homeschool Scientist
~ Shannon Entin, 100 Routes Across America

“Definitely taking a pottery class together at the Coastal Art Center! My husband, Stephen, and I still talk about how fun and unique that was. We never laughed so much together! It is a must on a bucket list.” 
~ Jennifer Sikora, Jenn's Journey

“The top on my bucket list, besides building sandcastles and playing in the surf, would be the Cetacean Cruises Dolphin and Nature Cruise! It was fantastic. We loved seeing the dolphins and other wildlife as well as getting a different view of the area and bits of history as well.” 
~ Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus Blog

“Without a doubt, the best thing to do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is the Blue Angels sail tour with Sail Wild Hearts! The staff goes above and beyond, providing breakfast, lunch and snacks, perfect views of the Blue Angels aerial show and more, all while being both personable and professional. There's no better way to explore the shore than this!” 
~ Karen Dawkins, Family Travels on a Budget

Blue Angels Cruise with Sail Wild Hearts in Orange Beach

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