Gulf Shores Spring Break Teens

First-Timer's Guide to Spring Break with Teens

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Taking spring break with the kids is a treat when they’re young and still enjoy your company. But if you want the week to go well with your children once they hit the teen years, it’s going to take some strategizing before and during the trip.

Family Vacation with Teens

After all, at this point, you’re not likely the first person they want to relax with during their break from school. No offense, and I’m sure you’re really cool, but teens want to hang out with other teens. Their friends get top billing through these tougher years, so spending the week with Mom and/or Dad, and maybe some younger siblings, may not be too high on their list of desires.

Here’s how to fix that.

First, let them have a role in planning this week away. Picking the place to vacation is an important part of the trip, and you want it to be something all ages will enjoy. The reason Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is one of my family’s favorite spots (over and over again, as you can see here) is because there’s so much for each generation to enjoy. Whether it’s sitting on the beach for hours watching the sun dancing on the water, paddling a kayak through the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, or booking a parasailing ride together where you can sneak in an adventure you’ll never forget, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy.

Teens on Vacation

That brings me to my second tip, which is allowing each person to pick one thing they really want to do while you’re away. That prevents the “he always gets to do what he wants and I never pick” problem that inevitably pops up with siblings. Plus, everyone on vacation knows their turn will come. Whether that’s taking a sunset sail or eating the world’s best grouper sandwich at a cool, chic spot in town, you’ll each have your turn at what makes you happy.

Third, rent a beach house or condo where everyone can spread out a little.

With some planning, you can create a spring break vacation to remember for the whole family, teens included.


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