My Favorite Food Finds on Alabama’s Beaches

In all my travels on the Alabama Gulf Coast, there’s one thing I know…you don’t have to go far to find an amazing appetizer, entrée or dessert in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. Mark these down for your next trip to Alabama’s beaches.

Lionfish Tiradito at Voyagers in Orange Beach

Ratatouille and Goat Cheese Dip at Coast Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Unfortunately, you can only get this warm goat cheese, roasted vegetables, and soft pretzels appetizer between March and October when the restaurant is open. Located at The Beach Club Resort & Spa on the Fort Morgan peninsula, you don’t have to be a resort guest to dine here. I’ve had many a cheese dip and pretzel combo, and I can tell you no others come close to this one. Once it reached our family’s table, it was gone in three minutes flat.

Lionfish Tiradito and Ostrich Carpaccio at Voyagers
Yup, you read right...I’m recommending you try eating lionfish, the venomous and deadly fish. It’s served cold, sliced with zesty lime, ginger and serrano chile sauce. And did I mention it was also RAW? It was lovingly prepared by the talented chef at Voyagers, the beachfront restaurant in the Perdido Beach Resort. It is some buttery deliciousness! Speaking of raw, you should also try the ostrich carpaccio dish while you’re there. Reminiscent of prosciutto, I could not believe I’d ever relish dining on raw ostrich.

Murder Point Oysters Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina
If you love oysters on the half shell, you’ve got to try the Murder Point Oysters at Fisher’s in Orange Beach. They are smaller than the usual Gulf-sized oysters, but they are distinctively smooth and buttery.

Wagyu Burger at The Hangout
Wagyu cattle is known for its tenderness and premium taste. The Hangout has a Wagyu Burger that is to LIVE for! It’s one of the freshest, most tender ground-beef burgers that we’ve ever tasted.

Luna’s Eat and Drink in Orange Beach AL

Macaroni and Cheese at Luna’s Eat and Drink
If you are a comfort food lover and macaroni is like a warm blanket on a cool evening, you need to make your way to this dish ASAP! Yelp reviewers consistently recommend Luna’s macaroni in their reviews. It’s a white cheese recipe with hints of garlic and can be ordered as a kid’s meal, side dish, or entree.

Fried Grouper Sandwich at The Gulf
This dish is the perfect combo of crispy fish, cool tartar sauce, and warm soft bread, all served with a stunning beach backdrop at The Gulf. I don’t know if my toes in the sand had anything to do with making this sandwich taste better. You’ll just have to try it for yourself and let me know.

Eggs Cochon at The Ruby Slipper Café
The Ruby Slipper Café is THE brunch hot spot in Orange Beach; even during off-season, there could be a 30-minute wait for a table! That’s because this NOLA-born restaurant is known by visitors for their homemade biscuits, Bloody Marys, and eggs benedict specialties. The Eggs Cochon is one of our favorites. If you’re smart, you’ll share it with a friend, because it is hefty-sized dish.

Pork Tamales at Playa
​I have never been a fan of tamales until I tried this dish at Playa in Orange Beach. Utilizing unique Caribbean flavors, Playa’s chef has perfected this pickled onion, tomatillo, cotija cheese dish.


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