10 Spots for Photo Ops in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach

Strike a pose and snap a selfie. 

Photo Opportunities in Gulf Shores, AL

We're talking Kodak moments in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Scratch that. We're talking Insta-worthy moments! (Does anyone even know what Kodak is anymore?) Whether you're looking for the perfect place to point and click your family's Christmas card or a great spot for your Instagram profile photo, we've got 10 suggestions that'll have your fans, followers and family giving you a 10 out of 10. 

1.) Lemur encounter at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. These little guys love selfies!

2.) Historic Fort Morgan. The fort may be one of the coolest of the cool spots to point and click.

3.) Alabama Point jetties. Get there just before sunset and snap away for gorgeous pictures.

4.) Ferris wheel at The Wharf. A photo with a bird's-eye view background is sure to be a winner.

5.) Souvenir City. This one is a family tradition and a no-brainer. Stop in and snap a photo inside the shark's mouth.

6.) The Hangout. We don't think you'll find a bigger chair to sit in than one of the photo ops spots at The Hangout. There's room for you and a few!

7.) Dolphin Cruise. It may take the entire cruise, but try to get Flipper photo-bombing your selfie!

8.) Boulder Park on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails. When you have the littles in tow, this is a fun spot for a family photo.

9.) Flora-Bama Lounge and Package. A trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach isn't complete without a stop at this legendary roadhouse bar. Near the beach entrance, you'll find a spot with some unique cutouts just waiting for you to poke your head through and snap a memory.

10.) The beach! Did you think we were going to leave it out? No matter what section of sand you're on, every spec will be a beautiful backdrop for your photos. However, please stay off the sand dunes and help us protect our precious wildlife and beach ecosystem.

Photo Ops in Gulf Shores Orange Beach


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