Sautéed crab claws

Top Places to Grab the Best Crab Claws Near the Gulf Coast

See why crab claws are a Southern delicacy and a MUST-TRY dish when you’re at the beach.

FUN FACT: Did you know consuming crab meat dates back to the early 17th century? Although we may not know the exact date of when the first crab was cooked, Southerners can agree on one thing: When you dip those crab claws in some batter or breading and throw them in the fryer, you have yourself the perfect appetizer or meal. 

Here at the beach, you can enjoy this delicacy fried, blackened or grilled. All three ways are simply amazing and one of the most ordered dishes at many of our restaurants

Our Four Favorite Crab Claw Dishes

So where would one go to get amazing crab claws? We have picked some top restaurants in the area known for this dish. 

  • Sea-N-Suds - A staple in Gulf Shores since 1975, stop here to enjoy family tradition and darn-good seafood. Choose the crab claws fried in their famous batter and served fresh every time. Hurry in, though, because once they run out for the day, they are out until the next fresh shipment is delivered. 
  • LuLu’s Gulf Shores - Famous for their crazy, fun atmosphere and daily live music, this restaurant’s owner, Lucy Buffett, is known for her amazing cooking. Their fried crab claws really might be the best on the coast, as their menu boasts. 
  • Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar -  When you’re looking for savory crab claws, you will need to try their barbecued appetizer served in Creole butter sauce. Known for its amazing cuisine, this restaurant is one you will want to add to your list of places to visit. 
  • Cobalt the Restaurant - Ready for a more upscale dining experience? Cobalt in Orange Beach is the place for you. They proudly offer their own recipe of Bayou La Batre Crab Claws served with cocktail sauce.

Many of our restaurants claim to have the best crab claws around, but we’ll leave it up to you to bestow that honor. Fair warning: Once you begin sampling the crab claws at various eateries, you’ll quickly learn that it’s nearly impossible to choose just one favorite! 

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