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Life's a Beach with These 7 Beach Hacks

Sand between your toes, a breeze in the air and the sounds of waves on the shore . . . these are the things a hassle-free beach vacation is made of.

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Do you want more ways to keep your vacation hassle free? Check out these seven beach tips for easy summer living, plus some helpful hints for making vacations run smoother.

Great Beach Hacks

1.) Baby powder isn’t just for babies. Pack a travel-size container in your beach bag. Once you’ve made your way out of the sand, sprinkle your feet with the baby powder to help remove excess sand. After all, you’ll want the beach memories, but not the sand in your car.

2.) Pre-chill drinks and foods that will be in your ice chest. It’ll help keep them cooler longer and will also help ice stay frozen longer.

3.) A rolling cart with big, tough wheels can be essential if you have a lot of beach gear. It makes things much easier when transporting tents, chairs and toys to the beach and back. When bringing gear to the beach, remember that all items, including tents, must be removed by an hour after sunset to avoid being collected and recycled.

Leave Only Footprints

4.) Make beach life easier by bringing only the essentials. Beach chair and umbrella rentals are available in front of many beach condos. Inquire with your rental management company for information. You can even rent chairs and umbrellas if you're condo doesn't offer them.

5.) Bring a first aid kit with at least adhesive bandages and antibiotic ointment to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Great additions are ibuprofen/acetaminophen to treat random, unexpected fevers and body aches. An ice pack is also a good addition to your cooler.

6.) Consider using a fitted sheet for your beach blanket. Keep the corners in place with an ice chest, shoes or other weighty objects.

7.) Bring a bag for trash. Its easy to drop your trash in the bins at the end of the boardwalk when you’ve collected it all in one bag.

The Beach Moms Concierge Service

General Vacation Hacks

1.) Planning is always the biggest saver of time and energy in any vacation. Anything you can do ahead to maximize your vacation experience is worth the effort. Many local grocery stores offer online grocery orders for pickup, saving you time in the store and giving you more time for the beach. The same goes for making reservations for tee times, boat rentals, dinner and other adventures. Don’t spend your time in line and waiting when you don’t have to.

2.) The Beach Moms Concierge Service offers time-saving opportunities that contribute to a hassle-free vacation. They can shop for your groceries and beverages and have them waiting in your condo. The Beach Moms can also take care of any beach rental needs you may have, book excursions, dinner reservations, and decorate for special occasions like birthdays, engagements and anniversaries. Can you imagine showing up to find your drinks are already chilling in the fridge? Now that's a vacation!

3.) Another idea to allow for more beach time is bringing some frozen meals from home. This hack is especially helpful when you have a big group and you don’t want to leave the beach early. Want an even easier route? Head over to Sarah's Homemade at the beginning of your vacation and pick up casseroles, appetizers and desserts to feed your brood on lazy evenings. They're made fresh and placed in coolers for pickup at your convenience. Pro Tip: Have the Beach Moms pick it up and it will already be in your room. One less stop!

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