101 Suggestions for Beach Fun

Gulf Shore & Orange Beach

Do you have a beach bucket list? You know, it has all those things that you think will make your beach vacation perfect. Some of our past Gulf Shores & Orange Beach visitors have a few suggestions for you to consider adding to your list; 101 suggestions to be exact.

If you’re looking for fun beach activities during the fall, the list of “101 Things to Do at the Beach” is a handy resource for fun, adventure and even some relaxation. What’s even better is you can add your own ideas and photos to the list, as well! Simply submit your photo or idea on our form.

In the meantime, here are some of the many suggestions you can do during the fall months on the Alabama Gulf Coast. To see the rest, check out the list online.

1. Watch the magnificent Gulf Coast sunrise and sunset.
5. Get married on the beach.
8. Dream about the day when you can move to the beach and never leave!
12. Take the ferry from Fort Morgan across Mobile Bay to Fort Gaines.
17. Take an early morning stroll on the beach before anyone else has left their footprints. You’ll feel as though the beach belongs to you!
22. Take a family picture in the mouth of the giant shark at Souvenir City.
25. Go fly a kite!
29. Go on a dolphin sightseeing boat.
44. Suck down a Bushwacker…or two.
55. Surf fishing is fun!
81. Look for flounder at the pass on west beach at night.
88. Explore the woodlands and wetlands of the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail.

This is just a sampling of the list. To help you plan your fall beach getaway, browse the calendar of events and the latest hot deals.

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