Friends take photos on Alabama's Beaches

9 Best Selfie Spots in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The landscape in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is picture-worthy anywhere you look.

The blue waters and the white sands make for gorgeous photos. However, today we’re discussing more than just landscape photos. We’re talking selfies. And if there are no selfies taken...was your trip even real?

To capture the picture-perfect selfie the next time you’re in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, make a stop at these nine, fun locations. Your Instagram will thank you! #PhotoOfTheDay


9 Spots for Beach Selfies

The Gulf restaurant in Orange Beach

The Gulf

The blue restaurant containers, the white lounge chairs in the sand, and the green palm trees really make this a selfie spot for the chic beach bum. Don’t forget to order a colorful drink to add to your “toes in the sand” selfie.

The Ferris Wheel at The Wharf

The top of The Wharf Ferris wheel

Located at The Wharf, the large, colorful Ferris wheel gives you a skyline selfie. If you go during the summer in the evenings, you may even be able to catch a firework or two crackling in the distance or watch the SPECTRA Light & Sound Show.

The Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL

The Hangout Shaka

The universal sign for beach bum is the Hawaiian “shaka.” If you stop by The Hangout restaurant, you’ll find a giant-sized version of a shaka that makes for a perfect “I’m on vacation” selfie backdrop.

Lemur Experience at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Lemur Experience at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

One of the most unique experiences we’ve ever had at the beach is the lemur encounter at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. Having a lemur sit on your head and lick your face makes for the quintessential selfie we all aim for.

Girls take selfie at 5.	Hummingbird Zip Line Course

Hummingbird Zip Line Course

For your “adventure” selfie, nothing beats a pre-zipline snap at the Hummingbird Zip Line Course. You aren’t permitted to take your camera or phone with you on the zipline, so be sure to snap this picture just before you zip away.

Perdido Pass

Orange Beach’s Little Islands

If you rent a pontoon boat, you can take a selfie in the middle of the bay! On a good day, you’ll be knee-deep in crystal-clear waters of Robinson or Bird Island with the magnificent Perdido Pass bridge in the background.

Tacky Jacks

Tacky Jacks on the Fort Morgan Peninsula

If you follow the road to the end of the Fort Morgan peninsula, you’ll run into the colorful restaurant, Tacky Jacks. The pier is a splendid spot for a “bay” selfie.

Historic Fort Morgan

Historic Fort Morgan

While you’re on the Fort Morgan peninsula, be sure to stop at the historic Fort Morgan site. The weathered Fort makes for a captivating selfie full of historical structures.

Gulf front Condo Balcony

Any Beachfront Balcony

After all those stops along your journey, perhaps the very best selfie you’ll take will be the one from the balcony of your beachfront condo in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. This is the selfie spot you’ll remember most from your whole trip. It’s where you were able to see the whole expanse of the Gulf. It’s where you’ll dream of returning.

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