Three Ways to Experience the Beach By Air

Looking for some high-flying adventure during your vacation? Consider a tour of the Alabama Gulf Coast by air.

Whether you're parasailing from the back of a boat, traveling across the sky on ziplines or going up in a Special Light Sport Trike, your above-the-shore experience is guaranteed to be breathtaking.

Grab your friends and family for a parasailing adventure that takes you over the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico for a seagull's-eye view of the coastline and all of its inhabitants. Some parasail companies offer rides in singles, doubles or triples. Enjoy a day spent in the sun and above the surf - the view can't be beat.

Travel through the air for an exhilarating ride on Alabama's longest zipline course. The Hummingbird Zipline Course at The Wharf, which has over 6,000 feet of flying fun and heights up to 110 feet off of the ground. Learn about the pristine coastal wetlands during the 2 hour guided tour.

Go up, up and away flying a Special Light Sport Trike with BeachFlight Aviation and start your training to become a pilot. There is no cockpit structure around you as you experience the Alabama Gulf Coast from a bird's perspective. Training is given while you fly with your instructor; various flight times are offered for aviation enthusiasts. Both you and the instructor are equipped with headsets and you are given a tour of the landscape as you travel in your trike.

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Hummingbird Zipline at The Wharf in Orange Beach

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